Things I Learned Today.

I have had quite a day with family and friends, plus a little time for myself.  Here is some of what I learned today:
  1. It’s difficult to wake up at 7 a.m. for a workout after a late night of wine and friendship.
  2. Right now, given the choice between an early night and a workout and a late night of hanging out with friends and no workout, I’ll take the late night and no workout and be more than okay with it.
  3. Jeanie, Erin, Robin and Malinda (aka “the Coeur d’Alene girls”) make wonderful breakfast partners.  (We missed you today, Malinda!)
  4. K-Swiss makes must-have Ironman flip flops.  (Thanks for the tip, Jeanie!)
  5. Seeing the Coeur d’Alene girls makes me itch for another Ironman.  (Canada 2012, anyone?)
  6. Tommy Holt is more than a gifted photographer.  He is wonderfully adaptive to a client’s needs.  He is a gem.
  7. My sister’s second dog slobbers something awful.
  8. Given the choice between being clean and dry and being kissed by a slobbery but sweet dog, I’ll take the slobbery kiss and be more than okay with it.
  9. My sister makes a damn good salad.
  10. After eating a damn good salad, I crave eating better than I’ve been eating in recent months.
  11. My sister and her crazy night-time dreams may be my ticket to an Oscar for the Best Original Screenplay.
  12. An hour on the phone interviewing someone interesting for a profile piece feels like five minutes.
  13. My fifteen-year-old niece has surpassed me in height and shoe-size.
  14. My eleven-year-old nephew also has surpassed me in height and shoe-size.
  15. My fifteen-year-old niece thinks opera, specifically Les Miserables, is cooler than The Voice.
  16. I can watch the Vicci-Nikki battle again and again and again and never even approach beginning to tire of it.
  17. My parents finally got wireless Internet.
  18. Mom’s new PC is cool, but my new Mac is way cooler.
  19. I am loving a quiet Saturday night at home.
  20. I consider an evening of writing and working on my website for Ready Pen Productions to be a “quiet night at home.”
  21. Writing, even under a deadline, does not feel like work on any level.

Happy Saturday night, friends.  Make it a good one.

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