I became a spy kid today.

I had the pleasure of attending the Spy Kids 4 premiere this afternoon with my gorgeous 11-year-old nephew and my dear friend, Catherine.

I hadn’t seen Spy Kids, Spy Kids 2 or Spy Kids 3-D, so I didn’t know quite what to expect.  There were lots of little people in the audience, so I assumed the movie would be so ultra kid-friendly that the experience would be good for me because it meant time with my nephew – not because I’d love the movie itself.

But I did love the movie.  It was sweet and thoughtful and funny.  I don’t remember the last movie I saw that had such fantastic messages for kids.

There were so many messages.

  • You are capable now. 
  • Be creative in your problem solving and trust that you are equipped to handle whatever task is before you. 
  • Work with your siblings, not against them.  
  • Appreciate time, and make the most of it today.
  • Don’t hide the real you.

I hope my nephew absorbed those messages.  I hope he felt empowered by seeing young people on stage talking about doing something they love so much that they can hardly describe it as “work.”  I hope he recognized that the director isn’t some untouchable.  He is a regular man with a mom and a dad and siblings.  I hope the experience touched my nephew and inspired him.  Also, I hope my nephew had a good time.

Some might say Spy Kids 4 is a movie for kids.  I say it’s a movie for kids of all ages – even us bigger kids.

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