It’s never too late.

I’m writing again. It’s a promise I made to myself this year – and last year and the year before that – but this year, I’m really doing it. I just finished up another article for the Exeter Bulletin, and I had a great conversation today with an ex about a script he and I are going to work on together. He wrote the beginnings of the script back in the 1990s and stopped writing mid-sentence in the third act.  When I suggested we work on something together, he pulled this draft out, and sent it to me. Two things about that give me much hope. First, that he and I can work together today means a great deal to me. We dated back in law school, and it didn’t work out for us, but we remain friends.  I appreciate that our friendship survived our relationship. Second, I’m encouraged that an effort of fifteen plus years ago can be revived. It’s a good script. He’s a creative guy. I love that his work of so long ago has another chance to be something great. That gives me hope that it’s never too late…for anything really.

3 thoughts on “It’s never too late.

  1. M – as in who is he? The cute young guy in the class behind us who painted. Brandon. Remember him? He had longish blond hair at the time. Super sweet. He in LA now doing film stuff and is married and a dad and just as kind as I remember him being. He's a really good guy. I'm thankful to be back in touch.

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