A list…because I need one.

It’s been a hectic and hard twenty-four hours.  Since writing is my therapy and lists make me happy, here is my list therapy for the day.

Ten great things about today:

  1. I slept in until eight this morning and still managed to get a run in before work.
  2. This morning, I remembered to set my new DVR to record General Hospital, so I will be able to catch up on that show after a week of missing it.
  3. I saw my friend Debbie, who does my eyebrows, and got to see her wedding photo for the first time.
  4. I bumped into my friend Stuart on Congress Avenue today, and he made me laugh about our dueling in Words With Friends.  (My user name is mrsethanhawke, if anyone would like to play!)
  5. At lunch, I discovered the joys of a peanut butter, brie and apple sandwich.
  6. My boss Jim took a few moments out of his day to check in with me about me. 
  7. This afternoon I got an email confirming a breakfast on Thursday with my Education for Ministry group of the last five years. 
  8. My friend Kerry called today to confirm our run for the morning.
  9. Bread and Butter will be happy to see me when I get home.
  10. I think I’ll get to make it to Capital City Toastmasters tomorrow after a month away.

I feel so much better!

3 thoughts on “A list…because I need one.

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