Austin Bat Cave

I am on the board for Austin Bat Cave in Austin. ABC is a non-profit writing and tutoring center that provides children and teenagers with opportunities to improve literacy by developing their creative and expository writing skills. Or as we like to say, we trick kids into discovering their love for writing.

A cool thing happened today with respect to a Kickstarter campaign we recently launched.

Our goal is to raise a minimum of $25,000 by November 13.  We’ve raised nearly $6000 already, but the way Kickstarter works is that ABC doesn’t get a dime unless the goal is reached.  We have been working diligently towards finding donors to help reach this goal.

I sent an email a couple of days ago to some of my nearest and dearest asking for their support.  My friend Meredith wrote a blog entry about our cause. That blog entry both warmed my heart and resulted in our coming upon a matching donor! A very cool man has offered to match $20 a day until November 13.  So if we can come up with 25 people who are willing to donate $20 once, he will pay $500 on November 13.

I love his proposal because it makes every contribution more meaningful, and it forces me to think on and pursue this effort daily.  To do my part, I have taken on the responsibility of finding those 25 donors within my network of people.  Will you help?

The money we raise will go towards our in-school programming.  We send volunteers weekly into Austin Independent School District.  We do workshops that expose the kids to various forms of writing, including hip-hop poetry, comic book writing, screenwriting, and comedy and sketch writing.  We then take their work and publish it in an anthology.  Imagine being a kid, a new writer, and having a publication of your work!  I would have loved that opportunity as a kid.

Here is the link with a 3 minute video.  Please take a look, read what we do, and consider being a part of this effort.

Meredith agreed to be my Day 1 donor.  If you want to participate, please let me know, and I will plug you into one of the 24 days that remain.  I will also send you a reminder – and an infinite amount of gratitude – on the day of your donation.  Your $20 will go a long way towards our goal.

If you want to know more about Austin Bat Cave, check out our website.  (But if you want to help the project, please donate through the Kickstarter link above!) Or if you are in the Austin area, come to Home Slice Pizza this Tuesday night for what we call Story Department.  Once a month, we have three or four storytellers tell a tale on a theme.  This month, the theme is “And Chills Went Down My Spine…”  Story Department is consistently my favorite night of the month.

To my donor and my friend, I thank you both for your help towards this effort.  When I saw the post and learned about the incredibly generous matching offer, chills totally went down my spine, in a good way.

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