The Way to my heart…

I have fallen in love with Emilio Estevez all over again.

As a kid, I loved him as Two-Bit in The Outsiders and as the Jock in The Breakfast Club. Tonight, I loved him in The Way, a movie he wrote and directed about a man (played by Martin Sheen) who goes to France to recover the body of his son who died while traveling the Camino de Santiago, a pilgrimage path through northern Spain.

I can’t say too much because this movie needs to unfold before your eyes. But do go see it.

I loved the setting. I loved the story. I loved seeing father and son play father and son.  I loved the message of this film.  And I loved the writing for this film.  Not a word was wasted, and one particular phrase spoke to me as one character described another as someone “for whom kindness is an instinct.”

I wish I had written this movie.  I hope to live an experience like the one depicted in this film.  And I hope  with all my heart that I will be remembered by those I encounter as someone for whom kindness was an instinct.

3 thoughts on “The Way to my heart…

  1. I finally saw it! And soaked up every minute of it. And keep wondering if I need to make my own pilgrimage…hearing Daniel/Emilio's words on my mind "you don't choose a life, you live it." Here's to living our lives!

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