The Abundance of Thursday and Friday.

I am equal parts excited and exhausted. I could stay up all night working on the cool projects in front of me, or I could pass out instantly right this minute. My mind is headed one way, and my body another.  Somehow this weekend, I need to work and write a speech for Toastmasters and see some friends and family and actually get some rest. The weekend before me feels loaded.  The days behind me were rich. Rich and wonderful.

Wonderful things:

My Aunt Sony and cousin Matt have had plans to come here for Thanksgiving. Yesterday morning, I learned that my other cousin Tina and her children will be spending Thanksgiving with us, too. Tina has three gorgeous children, the youngest of which is her Mini-Me.  Their names are Brendan, Darren and Ella.

They are stunning, right?  I’ve never met Ella.  This Thanksgiving, I get to have the four of them in my home, and I can’t wait. I’m so grateful that they, Sony and Matt wanted to spend their Thanksgiving here with us.

At lunch yesterday, I got to catch up with my friend Paula.  I met Paula back in 1996 or 1997. She was my supervisor at my first law firm.  Even when we were logging pipe and indexing documents, she was my friend.  Over the years, I’ve watched her be a wife and mom and sister and lawyer and friend. Yesterday, she caught me up on things that have been happening in her life over the past few months. I won’t get into the details here, but I will say that her willingness to give of herself and her time to help her friends floors me. I love her strength and selflessness. This is a picture of us from my birthday a few years ago:

I am grateful to know her and to have had the gift of her friendship for nearly 15 years.

Austin Bat Cave hit its $25,000 Kickstarter goal three days before the deadline!  We had a board meeting last night, and I arrived at the meeting to hear that news. I am overwhelmed at how generous my friends have been. From $20 to $500, my friends stepped in and offered their support in a huge way.  Many people did. I’m proud of this organization and the people it serves. I’m grateful I get to participate in the magic of it all.

Late last night, I got to work with a friend of mine on a writing project. She is a trusted friend. She is my client. I am her client. We are friends and have been quite easily since we met years ago. We were up until 1 a.m. working, and I hardly noticed the time.  It’s a gift to get to do something you love with and for someone you love.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to have my own business and to get to work with my friends.

Today, I stepped out to the Royal Blue grocery to pick up what has become my staple lunch – a roasted sweet potato sandwich with a Nutella rice crispy treat. As I was walking back to the office, sipping my iced tea, I caught myself feeling relaxed.  Friday is a big deadline day in my office, so we’re crazy busy every Friday. Today was hectic and frustrating at times, but when I stepped out for lunch, I realized I’m comfortable where I am. It’s been a long time since I felt really comfortable at work. My comfort has everything to do with being around good people who are old friends. This office feels like home.  It’s where I started my career as a lawyer. It’s where I grew up. And though I left in 2007, I continued to love this place and the people in it. I love the familiarity of these halls.  I love that my boss feels comfortable enough with me to touch my face and ask me why it’s bruised. (Oral surgery. Not wonderful.)  I love that I can work incredibly hard but still laugh throughout the day.  I love that I know that the people around me appreciate what I do and trust me to do it well. I just love being here.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to be here once again.

In the last forty-eight hours, I’ve been overwhelmed by goodness. And now it’s Friday night, and I get to go home and read.  I’m sure that when I curl up on the couch with Shirley MacLaine’s The Camino, Bread and Butter will curl up with me. It’ll be something like this:

There is goodness all around me.  It’s really too much.

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