My Favorite Bag.

I spent the holiday weekend in Portland, Oregon.  As with most of my trips, I took with me my reliable Eddie Bauer carry-on and my favorite pink duffle bag.

I bought this bag from Rancho Ojo de Agua, a family ranch that, among other things, makes duffles, totes, purses, etc., out of feed bags. It’s a creative mode of recycling. This bag travelled with me to Italy and Greece, and it’s made numerous weekend jaunts all over the country. I love it. It’s big and strong enough to carry my computer, journal, reading material, my purse, and a change of clothes.  It’s small and soft enough to fit beneath the seat in front of me.

Most fun is that every single time I carry it, conversations seem to start out of nowhere. Some people think I work for Purina. Others want to know where I got it because they have friends who should be donating bags to this business. This weekend, carrying my bag, I met a guy whose friend makes organic dog food.  He wants to connect his friend with this ranch to see how they could work together.

I love this bag. I love the random conversations it generates. I love air travel and holiday weekends.  I love trips and having fun.

It’s good to be home, but I’m looking forward to the next time my suitcase, my bag and I go somewhere together.  It’s always an adventure.

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