Happy Almost Valentine’s Day

This evening, I attended a Re-Story Circle hosted by my friend and guide, Jeanne Guy.  Her circles are gatherings that invite the possibility of re-storying your life through writing.  

Tonight’s circle was incredibly special because we had a guest poet – Debra Winegarten, author of There’s Jews in Texas? She read some of her poetry. We listened, wrote, talked, and laughed. Some of us even cried.

We have a couple of strict rules where Re-Story Circles are concerned. Paraphrased, they are:

(1) Trust that everyone has their own wisdom in them; and
(2) Mum’s the word.

As a result, I can’t get into the details of the conversation, but I can say that I left a fan of Debra Winegarten. I also left inspired to face a new tomorrow and eager to make something good out of everything, even the really hard stuff.

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