Five Miles

You heard me gush about doing ten miles in under two hours last Thursday.  This morning, I ran again with Kerry and Jenny, and we did five miles.  That’s half the distance, so I expected it to be easy, but it wasn’t.

This weekend, I rode the dam loop (45 miles of fairly rolling hills with two big climbs) on Saturday, and I ran 7 miles with Poppe and did a short hill workout on Sunday. Monday, I rested because my calves were sore, and I wanted to sleep in. This morning, I expected to wake up rested and fresh, but I didn’t.  My legs were still sore, and I felt like I could sleep for hours more.

Thankfully, Kerry called me to make sure I was up. She is consistent and helpful like that. And we ran. It was “only” five miles, but it was hard.  I say “only” intentionally in quotes because I recognize my own skewed perspective when a solid five miles before work seems as though it is perhaps not enough.  I felt a little guilty for running five, but I think it was wise of me not to stretch the morning out. I’m still tired from the weekend.

The way I feel today reminds me that it is early in the training season. I’m way ahead of where I was in 2010 when I trained for Canada, so I need to appreciate the comfortable days and not worry about the hard ones. I’m confident my body will figure this whole thing out again.  I’m hopeful my mind will too.

One thought on “Five Miles

  1. I'm totally amazed. In fact, I meant to post back when you "accidentally" ran the whole marathon. Incredible…meanwhile, I can barely walk up 2 flights of stairs in my office's parking garage.

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