A good weekend.

I filled this past weekend with exercise, sports, and things related to sports.

Erin came into town on Friday, so we went swimming at Big Stacy. The pool was packed with families enjoying the Good Friday sun, but the lap lanes were open. We swam about an hour before heading to a Seder hosted by my friend Nan.

On Saturday, we rode 56 miles. We joined Fred and MJ in riding Parmer. I had not been on the road in a while, but I’ve been riding on a trainer and the spin bikes at the gym, and I felt stronger than I have this season.  It was hot, so the distance hurt, but it also felt really good. Also really good was the three-hour nap I indulged in afterwards.

Saturday night, Erin and I watched Moneyball. How that movie made it into and out of the theaters without my seeing it is beyond me. What a movie. What a story. I had no idea how teams were formed or run in baseball. That movie opened my eyes to see the sport in a new way, both as a business and a passion. I’ve written before about wanting to see a Cubs game. Now I want to add to the list that I’d like to see a game in Oakland.

On Sunday, Erin and I ran 7 miles on Lady Bird Lake. We were both feeling the 56-mile ride from the day before, so we were not terribly fast, but it felt wonderful to be moving. We were also lucky enough to run before the temperature peaked for the day, so we weren’t out there in the miserable heat. It was actually quite perfect.

Sunday afternoon, we watched the Masters. I am not a golfer, and I don’t usually watch golf, but Erin had it on, and I watched while reading the first Harry Potter book for the first time. (My Harry Potter experience will have to be a blog post for itself.) I know little about golf, but yesterday’s event sucked me in, and I fell for sweet Bubba Watson. I adore him for his tears and gracious manner. I adore him for being a champion without ever having taken a lesson. And something about a golfer named Bubba just strikes me as funny. I’m a fan.

All in all, it was a healthy and inspiring weekend in more ways than one. Thank you, Erin. Thank you, Fred and MJ. Thank you, Billy Beane. Thank you, Bubba Watson.

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