I (Heart) Blue Lake.

I did an Olympic distance race this weekend in Fairview, Oregon. It was my first triathlon since Ironman Canada in 2010. As I’m training again this summer for Canada in August, I knew I needed to do a couple of smaller races to get ready and remind myself how transitions work.  This was my first venture back into the field, and I did really well!

I keep a race results spreadsheet for my half-Ironmans and Ironmans, but I haven’t kept one over the years for sprint and Olympic distance races. If I had, I’m pretty sure the results would show that my time this weekend was my fastest ever.  I completed this Olympic distance race (1500 meter swim, 25 mile bike, 6.2 mile run) in 3 hours and 18 minutes. I had two really slow transitions (totaling almost 13 minutes), partly because I had to get out of my wetsuit without the aid of a stripper! But the really big news for me was that I did the bike at an average of 18.2 miles per hour.  That wasn’t a typo.  18.2 mph!  If you have ever ridden with me, you know that is huge for me! Usually, I don’t break 15 or certainly 16 as an average in a race, and normally, I’m much slower than that. I had been feeling like my biking was improving, but it’s nice to get that confirmation in a race. Plus, I managed to follow that ride up with a respectable run – 68 minutes. I didn’t walk. I wasn’t hurting. It was just a good, solid effort on my part. I’m incredibly pleased.

I think the difference for me is that I’ve been biking on the road during the week, in addition to doing a weekend long ride. Normally, I’d spin during the week and hit the road once on the weekend. The extra day a week on the road has made a big difference. Also, I’m being really consistent in my training. I’m finding that I have energy and that my body recovers quickly after hard workouts. Like this weekend, I rode 44 miles on Saturday and then did the race on Sunday. I felt fresh Sunday morning, and today, I’m ready for a recovery swim. My body isn’t beaten. I think I’m well on my way to a solid race in Canada.

All I want for Christmas is a solid race in Canada. Santa, are you listening?

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