I’m in the Army now.

Not the United States Army, silly.  I don’t have the stomach for that. I’m talking about the Vicci Martinez Army!

I sat down tonight with my copy of Harry Potter Book 6, fully expecting a quiet evening by myself. Before diving into my book, I picked up my iPhone and checked the Facebook app, as I often do.  This time, I saw a message from the Vicci Martinez page. It said,  “Oregon!! Come on out to he Hawthorne Theatre for the first show of our tour tonight!!! Can’t wait to play!!!” Hawthorne Theatre? That was just blocks away. I turned on my computer and looked up the time. Blocks away? Now? Vicci Martinez?  I’m in! So I got dressed and set out to the show.  It was out of character for me to set out for a show on a school night by myself. But I did it.

I love Vicci Martinez from her days on The Voice. I still think the Vicci/Nikki battle was the best. Tonight, I loved what I heard of her new album. It’s different than her earlier stuff. Her words and music are stronger. She seems more committed to what she’s singing and how she’s singing it. It’s almost as if she’s matured musically somehow, which is weird for me to say since I know nothing about music except what I like and don’t like.  Maybe she’s built up her confidence. I don’t know what exactly, but something is different about her.

Now that I’ve seen her live, I’m convinced that anyone who isn’t moved by her energy doesn’t have a heartbeat or doesn’t have a soul. 

Thank you, Vicci, for an incredible evening. You are a little person with a gigantic talent. May you pack houses everywhere you go.

2 thoughts on “I’m in the Army now.

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