August is here.

It’s race month. In twenty-five days, assuming nothing dramatic (like unexpected surgery) happens, I’ll be racing Ironman Canada. I feel like I’ve done all I can to get ready. Since the Rev 3 Half Ironman in early July, I’ve had some big training weekends.  One weekend, I rode the dam loop (45 hilly miles) twice one day and raced the Marble Falls triathlon the next day. That was a confidence builder of a weekend because, although my legs were tired from the 90-mile ride the day before, I still raced well at Marble Falls. This past weekend, I went back up to the Pacific Northwest and rode 100 hilly miles. Not every mile was hilly, but it sure felt like most of them were. I never felt like I could rely on momentum to get me up any hill. Each one was a battle. Then the next day, I ran for 90 minutes and again felt stronger than I expect to given the workout of the day before.

Dare I say this? I think I’m ready. I’m going hard and long and recovering quickly. I’m still feeling confident on the bike. Between now and the race, I need to stay healthy and diligent and get myself organized so I know exactly what I’m taking with me to Canada. Oh, I also need to get my bike fixed.

I had a bit of a flop during my last 100-miler. Towards the end of the ride, I rode a bridge and then had to take a couple of quick turns on tight paths off the bridge to get back on open roads. At the road, we had to make a sharp left turn and then immediately go up a hill. Erin warned me, at least a half a dozen times, about that particular hill, but I spaced out and wasn’t ready for it. I ended up totally in the wrong gear and unable to make it up the short and steep climb. I couldn’t shift or unclip fast enough, so I flopped over and hurt my left knuckles and elbow and my bike. I also got some bruises on my legs, but nothing major happened to me. My bike was my worry. At first, the rear wheel of my bike wouldn’t spin, but Erin messed with it and got it working again so I could finish the ride. Now I need to have it checked out to make sure I didn’t do any real damage. I also need to just have the bike serviced to get it race ready with new tires and whatever else it might need. Each race, but especially each Ironman, I hope for no technical issues on the bike. Race fairy, do you hear me? No technical issues, please. No dropping chain. No flat. No wrecks. No random wildlife prancing on the road ahead of me. No nothing. Just smooth riding, please.

Once my bike is fixed and my stuff is packed, I’ll be really ready. I can’t wait to hit the Ironman Canada course again. My hope is to smoke the bike and to run the whole run. No walking, except through water stops. Actually, I take that back. My plan is to smoke the bike and to run the whole run. I’m past hoping these days. I’m doing it.

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