And the taper begins…

This weekend, I did my last somewhat big set of workouts towards Ironman Canada. I rode the Dam Loop on Saturday and ran the trails on Sunday. The ride felt hard even though it was half of what I did two weeks ago when I rode the Dam Loop twice. The run felt hard even though it was only 7 miles. My body was tired.

I napped Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon, and I went to bed around 7:30 last night and slept pretty consistently until about 7:15 this morning. I woke up a few times and checked email, watched Olympics or fed the cats, but mostly I slept.

I had planned to take today off from working out but woke up feeling so much better that I packed a swim bag. If I still feel energized this afternoon, I’ll hit Lifetime Fitness after work for a swim in my favorite outdoor pool.  If not, I’ll rest. I’m trying to be careful. I’m a little worried that I’m so tired. I don’t recall being this drained at this point in my training last time around or when I did Coeur d’Alene. Am I getting old? Or have I worked harder? I hope it’s the latter, but I suspect it’s a combination of both.

Tapering is always a little hard because I wonder if I’m doing enough, but I need to make myself stick with the program and not exceed the workouts my book says to do. I want to be rested for Canada. It’s less than three weeks away.

To get my energy and spirits up, I’m starting a streak of inspirational movies.  While I let my body rest, I’m going to build up my mind. Tonight, I’ll be watching Chariots of Fire, a recommendation from my friend Andy. Next up is Rudy, which is perhaps my favorite sports movie. Do you have a suggestion for what should follow Rudy?

2 thoughts on “And the taper begins…

  1. You'll find out when you put it all together at the race. Don't worry about it too much. Rest up completely and you can be assured that you will be stronger than you have been throughout your training. Good luck!

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