Great run this morning in a fun shirt!

This morning, I did my first workout since Canada. Kerry and I met at Lady Bird Lake and ran the five mile loop on the trails. It felt wonderful, especially the first few miles. Towards the very end, I could feel my legs tiring, but I’m sure that’s because we were super speedy this morning. Right, Kerry?

I had to wear some of my new finisher’s gear from the race. I bought lots of long sleeve stuff and a couple of short sleeve technical tees.  This was the one I chose to wear today. It was from the men’s side of the store, but I really liked it, so I got one. I like that it clearly says Penticton on it, since this is the last year the race would be in Penticton.

The finisher’s store is a strange phenomenon. At 5:30 in the morning on Monday, the day after the race, I got in line for the store, which opened at 7:00. When Erin and I got there, there were already about sixty people in line ahead of us. When the store opens, they let a certain number of people in at a time to buy clothing and such that says “Finisher” on it. The whole week, anyone can buy Ironman stuff, but they don’t bring out the finisher stuff until Monday, and then it’s a mad dash for the sizes you want. Smaller women’s sizes especially are hard to find if you don’t get up early and get in line. That’s why I got up at 5:00 even though that meant only getting three hours of sleep on the night after the race.

We were among the last few people who got into the store with the first group. And damn, I made out like a bandit. I got a couple of short sleeve shirts, a long sleeve technical shirt, a fitted long sleeve pullover, a looser long sleeve pullover (also from the men’s side), a windbreaker-type biking jacket, a thermal biking jacket, and the race jersey. Obscene, I know, but I won’t be going back to Penticton, and I had a great race, so I convinced myself it was okay.  Plus, I actually put a few things back, believe it or not!

Clearly, much about the Ironman experience falls to the extremes. For some of us, that includes the finisher’s store. And for me, that stuff is worth every penny.

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