So jealous.

While I was biking 112 miles during Ironman Canada, Erin got to meet Jordan Rapp.

I’ve said before how much I adore Jordan Rapp.  He inspires me. He is a champion of Ironman races and of life given that he came back from a bike accident where he was left for dead and re-emerged an Ironman champion. I saw him win Ironman Canada in 2011, and I heard him speak at the awards banquet with humility and grace. He is gentle and kind. To see what I mean, listen to this video where he talks about the bike accident:

I had hoped he would race Ironman Canada this year, so that he could win it again and greet me at the finish line, as the champions do during the final hours of the race. He had won the Ironman U.S. Championship in New York just two weeks earlier, so he didn’t race, but he was on site in Penticton to serve as a commentator.

On race day, Erin had just seen me heading out of town on the bike, so she went to a cute little place on the bike route in Penticton for breakfast. Standing in line, Erin heard his distinctive voice, and without even turning around, she knew that he stood behind her. Normally, she would have done nothing but maybe steal a glance, but Erin knows how much I adore this guy, so she worked up the nerve to talk to him. I’m so glad she did because now I have this:

I am jealous she got to meet him, and I’m thankful she thought of me when that opportunity presented itself. Normally, my favorite photo from an Ironman is my finisher’s photo, but not this time.

Thank you, Jordan, for being a champion in so many ways. And thank you, Erin, for knowing how much this photo would mean to me.

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