A Companion.

This morning, I made a new friend at my training session. I train with the very cute, very sneaky Jake of Sweat Shop ATX. I say “very cute” because he’s downright gorgeous, which always makes hard work a little more fun. I say “very sneaky” because so many times I find myself thinking, “This is so much harder than he made it look.” The difficulty just sneaks up on you.

This morning, very cute and very sneaky Jake brought this little guy to my session:

This is Baxter, perhaps the sweetest, most gentle, most wonderful dog ever.  He’s cute, huh?  Baxter walked along with Jake and then, while I worked out, sat sweetly on Jake’s sweatshirt – because, of course, there was nowhere else to sit. Watching Baxter and his complete and utter desire to be near Jake made me happy and sad.

It made me happy because that kind of desire is terribly sweet. Dogs are great that way. They love with boundless energy and are so quick to overlook being fed late or not being taken out for a walk. They just want nearness. It made me sad because I once dated someone who would say, “I’m like a puppy. I’m very trainable.” Now of course I’ve never thought of anyone I’ve dated as dog-like, but I loved hearing those words because the heart behind them was so…pure. The spirit was one of a best friend forever.

I read a quote somewhere that is something like, “I want to be the person my dog thinks I am.” I don’t have a dog. I love dogs but anyone who knows me knows that I am a cat person at heart. (I have my littermate black and white tuxedo cats named Bread and Butter, and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. I used to joke that I wouldn’t trade them for anything except Skylar, the gentleman mutt-Siamese I had for eighteen years before Bread and Butter, but I quit saying that when I realized that Bread and Butter really do understand everything.) But I love that statement. If I had a dog – if Baxter was mine – I would want to be person he thought I was. I would work really hard at that.

Thank you, Jake, for my workout. And thank you for bringing Baxter along. Bring him back anytime.

3 thoughts on “A Companion.

  1. Dogs are the greatest! I've realized it's possible to be BOTH a dog and a cat person, though. Animals (whether they be dogs or cats) are like kids – they make us want to be better people.

  2. Absolutely. I am both a cat person and a dog person BUT I'm afraid my children are not. I'll get a dog someday, but it'll have to be a really special dog to win over Bread and Butter!

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