I’m sitting on the very edge of my king sized bed.  Bread, who has dictated my position, is nestled right next to me, sprawled just as comfortably as he could be.  The Voice, which I’m catching up on, is playing in the background. So far, I’m rooting for Cody or Bryan or Terry, but I don’t know. I don’t have a clear favorite as I did when Vicci Martinez was on the show. And tomorrow is Thanksgiving, which sends my mind a million different directions.

I’m spending the morning running alone and working out with very cute and very sneaky Jake. Then I’ll spend the day with my family, which means really good food, lots of dogs (Abby, Loretta, Xena, and the newest addition, Sparky), and probably a good dose of backgammon with my parents and nephew. I think it’ll be a nice day, a reprieve from work, and a chance to catch up with my family.

For me, tomorrow is the start of the holiday season. The holidays always get me thinking. Some folks are heavy holiday drinkers. I’m a heavy holiday thinker, this year even more so because it’s a tough time for people I care about. We are mourning broken relationships and marriages, people who’ve left this world but are still very much alive to us, jobs we’ve lost, confidence we want desperately to reclaim, and health issues – too many health issues. If we stop there, we cringe at the thought of daylight and having to get out of bed. But we don’t stop there. We can’t miss the goodness that’s right in front of us.

We have children and families we love, memories we cherish, opportunities we maybe haven’t discovered, friends who check on us and build us up, and the ability to fight for healing. We are incredibly rich.

I received this Note from the Universe earlier this month:

Do you know why happy tears taste the same as sad tears?
Because all tears come from the ocean of love.
I love that. Don’t you?

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