I’m home after a fun day of training, eating, and playing games with the family. We played Taboo and Rummikub. I won at both. That’s not necessarily what made it fun, but it certainly didn’t hurt anything. I like to win.

I have a gingerbread candle burning in the kitchen, the washing machine and dryer are both humming, and Almost Famous is on HBO. It’s good to be in my space. It’s a little quieter than I’d like though. I’d like someone to be here. I’d like the phone to ring. I’d like to hear the ding of a text message coming in, even at this late hour.

A few weeks ago, I was emailing a friend about some things and sharing a bit of heartache with her.  Her response was, “I’m sorry to hear this. Hang in there. Life is wise.”
Wise, huh? I hope you’re right, friend. I want to believe you’re right.
Some things certainly haven’t gone as I’d expected or hoped, but when I look around, I have to admit that I’ve won quite a bit lately.
  1. My house remodel got done in two relatively painless weeks.
  2. A writer hired me to edit his novel.
  3. My editor accepted my most recent piece with only minor changes. No rewrite needed.
  4. Last Saturday, I had dinner with a girl I’ve known since the fourth grade, and we realized that, nearly three decades later, we laugh together as much as we did as kids.
  5. I’ve lost three pounds in just over three weeks. (This is completely superficial, I know. But I’ll take victories wherever I can find them.)
Even better, looking ahead, I see lots of reasons for joy.
  1. In just two weeks, I will see the Grand Canyon for the first time.
  2. In three weeks, I get to see my dear friend Rey.
  3. I’m going to spend my birthday, which is one month from today, at Enchanted Rock with friends.
  4. I’ll be going to Spain in three months to see my friend Erin and to run the Barcelona marathon.
  5. I got invited to join a Hood to Coast team for 2013.
This is me focusing on the goodness right in front of me. I hope you are able to do the same.
Happy thanksgiving.

3 thoughts on “Thankfulness.

  1. Happy Thanksgiving! You are not alone. So excited for you to be seeing the Grand Canyon soon … It is a magnificent piece of God's work, and may reinforce the notion that life is wise and the universe is kind. Hope it is a spiritual experience for you like it usually is for me…

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