Last time I checked in, I was writing early in the morning. I can’t believe that was just yesterday. I’ve been through two days of workshops since then, and now we are in a period of silence. From this evening until Sunday morning, we are not disrupting one another with conversation. The idea is that we get into the flow and just write.

Talk about pressure.

Today I outlined the project I have in mind. Tomorrow, I have to start writing. Not brainstorming. Not outlining. Actually writing. I have all day with nothing on the program to serve as an excuse. It’s me and my laptop, and we’re off.

I expect to have a full productivity report late tomorrow or early Sunday. In the meantime, check out one view of where I am.

This place is called Aldermarsh. It’s a stunning piece of property on Whidbey Island. Just stunning.

2 thoughts on “Aldermarsh.

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