This Week’s Wednesday List.

I’m still processing the beauty and adventure of the Grand Canyon. Plus, it’s been a wonderful couple of days back home. So many good things are happening.

  1. Yesterday was my mom’s birthday, and I got to have coffee with her in the morning. I also got to watch “The Voice” with her in the evening. Who knew Mom would ever be into that show? Like me, she adores the coaches, especially Adam.
  2. Today is Jenny’s birthday.  She was the reason for the Grand Canyon trip. I don’t know how I will ever be able to appropriately thank her for that journey, but I look forward to a lifelong friendship during which I will try. Happy birthday, Jenny! (I’ve included a picture from our trip. That’s Jenny on the left, Sarah in the middle and Julie on the right.)
  3. Today is my cousin Tina’s birthday, too. Tina is a bit younger than I am, but we click. If she lived near me, I’m pretty sure we’d talk often and hang out as much as possible. I’d get her running, and she’d make me watch terrible vampire movies. Happy birthday, cousin!
  4. My friend Andy from middle school camp and his wife had their sixth child today – a daughter. I haven’t met his family yet, but I love them. Andy and Laura Lynn are both gorgeous, but the kids? Oh my. They are stunning. Just stunning. Check them out, minus their newest addition. I can’t wait to meet the clan in 2013.
  5. It’s Christmas card season, and I’m having a ball replacing the cards on my refrigerator with new ones as they come in. After nearly a week away, last night I opened a ton of them. Two blew me away. One was my friend Meredith’s. She has three kids, and they are spunky and gorgeous, just like her. The other was from my friends Walter and Holly. Their card shows their little red-headed daughter kissing their baby boy. I want to squeeze them both and take them home with me. Goodness. I love getting these cards. Keep them coming.
  6. This morning, I had breakfast with my friend Erin who will be leaving us for Barcelona soon. I was ridiculously late, and she waited patiently for me to arrive. Erin challenges me every time I see her. She’s my visionary friend. I love my time with her and so look forward to exploring Spain with her in just a few months.
  7. I get to see my friend Rey this weekend. She moved to Washington in 2010 and is spending some time in South Texas with her family this week. I’ll be driving down to Corpus Christi on Saturday to have lunch with her and hopefully see another friend while I’m down there. Rey is like no one else I know. She is cheerful even in the face of adversity. I love being in her presence and am thankful for the chance to be there again for a bit this weekend.
  8. Speaking of adversity, one of my high school tennis coaches was recently inducted into the Texas Tennis Coaches Hall of Fame. I was at the Grand Canyon, so I missed the ceremony, but we have connected on Facebook. He and I didn’t always see eye to eye in the year we worked together. In fact, he wore these reflective sunglasses that drove me crazy because I couldn’t see his eyes at all. Looking back though, I am grateful for the chance to have worked with him. He knew how to extract the best from his players. That extraction hurt sometimes, but we were all the better for it. I am better for it. So thank you, Coach Cass.
  9. I’m still floating and, more importantly, still writing from the Aldermarsh experience. Yesterday, I received in the mail a candle like the one we used in the center of the circle during that retreat. I learned that sometimes lighting a candle can be a good way to start writing time. It helps frame the time and keep you in the seat for as long as the candle is burning. I’m planning to try that tonight when I write.
  10. In ten days, on my 39th birthday, I’ll be hiking Enchanted Rock. As I enter my 40th year, I’m determined to make it a year of firsts. Enchanted Rock is something I’ve wanted to see for a long time and never have, so that seemed like a good start.

That’s it for now. Once again, I hope your Wednesday is as sweet as mine has been. 

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