Thankful for Jeanne.

Years ago, I participated in a workshop based on the book, The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. I did the workshop with one of my best friends and ended up making a bunch of other really good friends, including the instructor, Jeanne Guy.

Jeanne’s way draws me in. She is funny, real, loving and without judgment. Since that initial workshop, I’ve continued to sign up for workshops that she leads. Every time I’m around her, I learn something. Every time I sit in a circle with her, I walk away feeling more full somehow.

Most recently, she’s been doing monthly workshops that last only one evening. She calls them Re-Story Circles and invites each of us to “re-story” our lives with intention, acting kindly towards ourselves and others. Tonight, I am going to one such workshop.

Each month Jeanne has a different theme. Recent themes have included:

I’ve often said that Jeanne’s workshops seem to be designed specifically for me. They give me what I need when I need it. And tonight is no different. Tonight, Jeanne’s theme is Saying Goodbye In Order to Say Hello.

I hate goodbyes, but I’m trying to wrap my head and heart around loss right now. I’m trying to feel my way through it. So Jeanne has done it again. For a couple of hours, I get to sit in circle with her and other women who, like me, come back for these gatherings again and again, and we will write, listen and learn from one another about making room for joyful hellos.

I’m thankful for you, Jeanne, and for the love and intention you put out into the world. I hope it all comes back to you many times over.

4 thoughts on “Thankful for Jeanne.

  1. You make my heart happy, and very very full. It's just like you said tonight about using descriptors such as wow and amazing – they're just not enough sometimes. So here I am with no words to describe the beauty I see in you. Thank you for being you. I see you, Taline.

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