Setting the Tone.

I’m a big believer in the power of New Year’s Day. I believe it sets the tone for the year – who you are with, what you are doing, and how you feel. I tried not to focus on that too much this year because I was spending New Year’s Eve at home alone, rather than in California where I really wanted to be. But looking back on today, I realize that I set a damn good tone for the coming year.

I got up early this morning and met Kerry and Jenny on the trails for a run. The three of us ran the five-mile loop on Lady Bird Lake. Then Jenny and I ran the three-mile loop. I had hoped we would run the seven-mile loop, so I was pleasantly surprised to actually run more than planned. That doesn’t happen very often.

After running, I cleaned up at the gym and went to see “Argo” at the Violet Crown. I went alone. It was a 10:25 a.m. movie, so the theater wasn’t terribly full, and I didn’t have to sit near any of the many couples in the theater. I enjoyed the avocado spring rolls and a warm cup of coffee.  The movie was fantastic. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time even though I knew how it ended. And I loved the scene where Ben Affleck’s character went to see his estranged wife. I loved what happened between them. Just loved it.

After the movie, I decided to call my mom on a whim to see if she’d meet me at the LBJ Library and Museum to see the new permanent exhibit. It opened on December 22, and I’ve been wanting to go. I thought I might go last week, but work was busy. Mom came, and she brought my niece with her. Bonus! We had a wonderful time walking through the exhibit. I especially enjoyed listening to the recorded phone calls between President Johnson and others made available throughout the exhibit.

When we left the museum, we decided to get some food. I took Mom and Armineh to Mother’s Cafe, which I love. Armineh and I talked movies, and we all laughed a good bit. I so love that kid, and I love how joyful my mom is around her.

After the meal, we walked across the street for some gelato. I had mango and coconut, two of my favorites.

While we were enjoying our gelato, I got an email from my boss about the brief I turned in to him yesterday. He praised my work, not just to me, but to my co-counsel and the client. I work hard, and I worked hard this holiday weekend to get the draft written. I so appreciate his appreciation for my effort and my work product. In the professional world especially, compliments mean the world to me.

After gelato, we drove Armineh home. I drove Mom back to her car at the library, and I came home.

At home, I wrote in my journal and read a memoir. Now I’m writing. When I’m done, I’ll head to bed for a little Words With Friends and hopefully some good sleep.

Running, a movie, a museum, a shared meal, an indulgence with two people I love, praise from my boss, writing, reading and time for reflection. All in all, I’d say I had an amazing day.

Happy New Year’s to me. And to you, too.

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