Wednesday List #6 – New Experiences

I have been busy at work and not feeling terribly well, so my writing dropped off for a bit. But I’m back now with another list. I’m thinking about a season of new experiences.

  1. Nuns: On Monday night, I drove down to San Antonio to have dinner with one of the women I met at the Whidbey program. She lives in Missouri but was visiting San Antonio, so I happily accepted the invitation to drive down to connect for a bit. Seeing her was wonderful. It was also a pleasure to meet the nuns who have opened their home to her. She’s been writing about the sisters in her organization, and I got to hear some of that writing on the island, so it was a real gift to meet a couple of the women behind the writing.
  2. Ballet: Yesterday, I went to my first ever ballet class. The class is called Absolute Beginning Ballet, and it was perfect. We learned a few positions and steps and even did them to music a bit. Already, I think I would watch ballet differently, with a little more knowledge and insight. I’m excited about this class and the possibility of continuing through the beginning adult series.
  3. Go Dance: Speaking of dance, my friend Heather invited me to an intro night dance class at the studio where she’s been taking classes. We learned the two-step, some kind of swing, and a type of salsa. It was hard for me, but still fun, so I signed up for their introductory special of one month of unlimited classes and a few private lessons. I’ll start that in February. Between ballet and this, I may become a dancer yet!
  4. Spain: I’ve been emailing back and forth with Erin about my Spain visit. I have a feeling she’s going to show me things I wouldn’t even know to ask about. Today, she mentioned maybe visiting Portugal while I’m there. Take in another country on that trip? Well, sure! I’m up for anything!
  5. Spanish: Speaking of Spain, one of the items on my bucket list is to learn Spanish. Now would be a good time, wouldn’t it? I’m looking at programs I can purchase, like Rosetta Stone, and also researching local classes. Hopefully, by the weekend, I will have resolved in my brain which way to go.
  6. Trapeze: My friend Erin who did Coeur d’Alene with me in 2008 has rallied me and the other Coeur d’Alene girls to try a trapeze class with her. We’re going on Sunday, January 27. I’m not sure that I will mix well with the trapeze world, but I’m willing to give it a try.
  7. Friday Night Writes: I’m starting a writing circle at my house. We’ll meet the second Friday of each month from 7 to 10 in the evening. We’ll do a couple of timed prompts, share them as we wish, and then work on our own projects. I have a couple of friends committed to doing this with me, and I have room for a couple more. I’m super excited to have a writing circle. I’ve wanted one for quite some time.

That’s it for now. Are you trying new things? Have you discovered anything fun I might enjoy?

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