I’ve been here for almost three full days. Barcelona is a beautiful city. It’s enormous and the streets make no sense to me at all. I’ve learned how to get from Erin’s apartment to the race start, but that’s about all I know.  I’m sure that comes as a huge surprise to anyone who has travelled with me. I’m normally so good with directions.

We have packed a great deal into the first few days.

The Santa Maria del Mar.

Day 1: Fresh off the plane, Erin and I went for a run down to the beach. Then she took took me to the Santa Maria del Mar and the Picasso Museum. Erin, Joe and I met my friend Marylee for lunch at El Corte Ingles, a strange department store/Home Depo/Target type place that had a restaurant on the top level. After lunch, we went to Park Guell, which was designed by “God’s Architect” Antoni Gaudi. Then we saw the Temple de Sagrat Cor at Tibidabo before having dinner at the Gran Hotel de Florida on Tibidabo, where Marylee was staying. Not bad for one day, huh?

Day 2: We swam at Erin’s gym in a crazy metal boxed pool. Then we spent three hours at the Sagrada Familia, the unfinished church dreamed up by Gaudi. There’s a good 60 Minutes clip on it, if you’re curious about it. I could have stayed there for three more hours and definitely want to get a book on the place. After the church, Erin and I had lunch at a strange little place that served things we did not expect. That evening, we went to the Museu Europeu d’Art Modern (said with my best Spanish accent) and saw an awesome blues band called Wax & Boogie. We also went to a vegetarian place called Cat Bar, which had what I consider to be a perfect theme. (Can you tell I miss Bread and Butter?) Again, a super rich day.

The ceiling of the Sagrada Familia.

Day 3: Jen, Erin and I got up early to catch the sunrise along the beach. I ran along the beach for a short bit before we went to the expo to do my packet pickup. After the expo, Erin took me to the Caixa Forum, a free museum funded by a bank. We saw some photography and a cool little video about a group that recreated a live imitation of a photograph. Then we went to lunch at an amazing little tapas place where we ordered six different vegetarian dishes, all of which I loved. When we returned home, I took a solid nap. Now, Erin and the gang are at an Irish Pub celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, and I’m at home resting up for tomorrow’s big race.

Tomorrow, I run the Barcelona Marathon. Afterwards, I will get serious about the tourism, the food and the wine. There is still so much to see, including other structures designed by Gaudi. And on Monday, I get to go to classes with Erin. I’m excited to see a bit of her academic experience here.

More to come, but for now I send my love from Barcelona and welcome your well wishes while you sleep tonight as I’ll be running my race in those hours. Dream of me flying through the course, please.

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