St. George Prep.

Just last week, I was unsure if I would be racing St. George. Since right after my Barcelona trip, I’ve had a bit of a hip issue that’s caused some pain and put me in an unfamiliar place both physically and mentally. I’m not injury prone and don’t know how to deal with these sorts of setbacks. But my coach, whom I continue to adore, has been helping me by pointing me to people who deal with these issues all the time. After therapy and injections and more doctor visits in three weeks than I’ve probably ever had in my life, I think I’m ready to race.

This weekend, I spent my Sunday morning packing my gear bag. Then that afternoon, I dropped my bike and gear bag off with Tri Team Transport so that I can pick them up hassle-free in St. George. I forgot to kiss the seat for luck, but I’m hopeful the bike will accept a post-arrival pickup kiss in lieu of my traditional send off kiss. My bike and I have been deepening our relationship over the past year. I think we will survive my oversight, and I’m hopeful we might even thrive on this trip.

This trip is about me and the course. I’m making the journey to St. George alone. I know it’s going to be a tough course, but the Rev 3 Half Ironman that I did in Portland last summer was tough too. I survived it, challenged mostly by a nutritional meltdown, which shouldn’t be an issue in this race. I’m excited and nervous to see how I do. I also plan to spend some time taking in the beauty of the area before I head home.

Until I head out of town, I’m tasking myself with getting my work done, getting packed, and getting my head in the game. I’m still a bit uneasy about things generally, so I’m definitely practicing the art of faking it until I make it, but I’m hopeful. And that, my friends, is what these races are all about – hope that I will overcome the bits of doubt in my own mind and accomplish what I have set out to do.

Happy race week to you and to me.

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