Onward and Upward.

Since writing yesterday, I’ve managed to spin, run and swim. I did a spin workout at home last night, and then I ran this morning with friends and swam afterwards. I’m well on my way to feeling much better about my focus.

I’ve received much support and a little grief from yesterday’s post. The skeptical among you think it wrong to focus so heavily on races, especially to the point of favoring them over relationships. I get that. I do. On a recent trip, I read an article – I think it was in Runner’s World –  about an injured athlete who thought maybe the injury would give her an opportunity to address that problem of over-identification with sporting events. I recognized myself somewhat in that piece as I swore at my hip that was bothering me at the time. I hear what you’re saying now.

But I have to say that there are worse things I could do than focus on a race or two. And I’m certain – absolutely certain – that Mike Reilly has never once said to anyone, “You are an Ironman!” and then followed it up days or weeks or months or years later with, “Well, I’ve changed my mind. Maybe you’re not all that.”

So, onward and upward.

My coach Natasha reminded me this morning that I have one more week of hard work before my taper begins. She also reminded me that the weather in Coeur d’Alene will be significantly cooler. I checked. The highs are around 80 and the lows are around 50. That’s pretty darn perfect for this race. It’ll be fun to pack for cooler weather after some of the heavy Texas heat we’ve been experiencing.

I get on a plane two weeks from tomorrow. Onward and upward indeed.

4 thoughts on “Onward and Upward.

  1. Taline – I am glad you have such a positive outlook on this race…and the journey to get there. I love reading your posts and am always of the opinion that things happen for a reason. Who knows – maybe if you did train this weekend you would have been distracted with what you wanted to be doing or with other thoughts and been injured/have an accident. No one knows. But the journey is yours and that’s what is so great- it is all yours and what you make of it. And it sounds like you are making it a pretty incredible one- missed training days or not! Thinking of you!

  2. Thank you, guys. Erin, every journey is a little different, no? I’m definitely trying not to freak out about the missed days. I’m still amazed though that the races I’ve done don’t really alleviate the nerves leading up to this one, you know? Does confidence ever really come?

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