Sometimes You Get What You Need.

I didn’t sleep well Monday night. Not at all. Right as I was going to bed, I got an email that I wrestled with all night. That’s one reason I should never check emails – work or otherwise – right before going to bed. It’s hard sometimes to sleep after knowing what’s there and what awaits you the next day.

I managed to get up early Tuesday morning because I was meeting my friends to run. Tuesday night, I went to bed early and actually slept pretty well, but it wasn’t enough to make up for the deficiency caused by Monday night. Normally, on Wednesdays, I do an early spin class at the gym with my friend Jenny. But this week, I texted her at 4:40 when my alarm went off to tell her I was bailing, and I slept about another four hours. It felt wonderful.

Given my weekend training fiasco, I knew I wanted to ride Wednesday morning, even though I’d blown the spin class, so I did. I rode Creek Road out near my house. I had a couple of hiccups on the ride. My computer on my bike stopped working, and I dropped my chain once. Other than that, it was great. Being out on my bike on a workday morning was a treat I haven’t enjoyed since my time in Portland last summer.

On Wednesday night, I celebrated an amazing friend’s birthday, which meant another really late night. So this morning, getting out of bed at 5:10 when my alarm went off was a challenge. But I did it. I ran just over nine miles this morning. I did the roughly five-mile loop on Lady Bird Lake twice this morning, once with the girls and once alone. Usually, my speed drops off a bit once the girls leave and I’m running alone, but I was steady today. That felt like progress to me.

Not a bad training week so far, huh? To make it even better – that email I got Monday night? It got worked out today. I am so grateful.

That’s a pretty darn good week, if you ask me. Now excuse me, while I go pass out though it’s only 8:15 pm. I could use some good sleep, and I think tonight I’ll finally get it.

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