The Story Behind the Story.

Yesterday, I posted a race report about last Sunday’s Ironman. This morning, as I was running with my friends and wearing the awesome shirt I was given at the finish line of the race (pictured below), it occurred to me that there are many stories within and around my story about Ironman that I didn’t tell. Here are some examples.

  1. The night before I flew out to Coeur d’Alene, I went to see Megan Hilty of Smash at the Topfer Theater. She spoke and sang and made me laugh. I loved it, even though it meant getting home at midnight before an early morning flight.
  2. In Coeur d’Alene, we got lucky with the weather. It rained Wednesday, Thursday, Friday morning, Monday, and Tuesday. Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday (race day) were perfect.
  3. There were 848 first timers in the field. Mike Reilly likes to call them Ironvirgins.
  4. Five people lost over 70 pounds training for this race. Of those five, three people lost over 90 pounds. The biggest loser lost 175 pounds. He jokingly said he lost 175 pounds twice because he also got divorced.
  5. After the opening dinner (where these statistics were handed out), Mom, Jeanie, Malinda, Brian and I were walking home and narrowly avoided getting hit by a car that had hit a parked car and was speeding away from the scene. He ended up speeding a bit too quickly and skidded into a pole and then proceeded to run off on foot. Brian chased and cornered him until the police showed up. That was way too much drama for my taste and frightening to see how close we were to getting run over by a car on the streets of Coeur d’Alene.
  6. The oldest male competitor (a 72-year-old) got hit by a car during the bike portion of the race. As of Monday morning, he was in the hospital but doing well. I hope he has since made it home and is well on his way to recovery.
  7. During the last couple of hours of the Ironman, the pro winners come to the finish line to hand out medals. So when I crossed the line, Heather Wurtele put my medal around my neck. I love having that experience. I suspect they are as exhausted as the rest of us, so for them to stand out there for hours late at night dancing and cheering with the crowd and handing out medals is pretty amazing. Thank you, Heather. Your presence meant a lot to those of us who finished late in the day.
  8. In the line for finishers’ store, I stood behind a woman I had met this past August in the Canada finishers’ store line. This is sometimes a crazy small world.
  9. At my rental house, I didn’t have wireless Internet so I was disconnected the entire week except for my phone. It’s been a long time since I went without Internet access for so many days. I kind of liked it.


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