In the Company of Friends.

Have you ever heard that people who love you turn up when you need them? I have and that happened this week. My friends Yolanda and Owen and their four kids visited unexpectedly from Mississippi. I got to spend one evening in my home enjoying the company of my dear old friends and their amazingly polite, funny and sweet children. We shared a meal and caught up on years — far too many years — that had passed since we last sat face-to-face and talked. I loved every moment of it. I loved that the friendship felt familiar. I loved that we spoke openly as old friends, concerned only about catching up and not at all about impressing one another. And I most especially loved the voices, laughter and understanding that filled my home for those hours. Thank you, dear friends, for calling and showing up and listening and loving. I’m crazy about you and your clan. Yolandaandowen

2 thoughts on “In the Company of Friends.

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