Traveling Again.

I realized last year that this would be a year of travel, but it has involved and continues to involve much more travel than I originally planned.

So far this year, I’ve been to Barcelona, St. George and Coeur d’Alene. This week I leave for my England/Germany family reunion trip. The week after I get back, I’m heading to Minneapolis and Ames, Iowa, to catch up with some friends from my childhood and a friend from my Whidbey Island writing workshop. A few weeks later, I’m heading to Portland to run Hood to Coast with some friends. In early September, I’m heading to Colorado for some hiking in altitude and to Connecticut to catch up with my high school doubles partner and hopefully one of my favorite former lawyer friends who moved up there with her husband a number of years ago. In October, I’ll head back to Portland for a marathon and possibly time with another Whidbey Island friend.  In December, I’m heading to Hawaii for another marathon. Then at the end of the year, I’m heading to Africa to ring in the new year climbing Kilimanjaro. And somewhere in there, I’d like to hit the San Francisco Bay Area to see my cousin who just moved there from Boston, and I’d love to make it to New York to see my high school roommate, though I don’t have those plans just yet.

That’s a lot of travel for me. I’ve made a point of trying to do fun and adventurous things to celebrate my fortieth year. I have to say that I’ve done a damn good job of it so far. Next year, I’ll sit my happy butt at home a bit more, but I’m loving the journeys this year has brought.

I’m particularly excited about connecting with family in England and Germany. I’m going to spend time with uncles, aunts, and lots of cousins, many of whom I’ve never met. Will they like me? Will we feel a connection? Will we communicate more going forward after a bit of time together? I don’t know, but I’m excited to find out.

It’s a short trip – just over a week long. When I made the plans, I was trying to be back for a weekend commitment I was expecting to have. Those plans fell through, so I’m coming back early unnecessarily. But still, it’ll be good to spend time in two countries I’ve never seen and to get to know family from all over the world. I’m even looking forward to good reading time on the plane.

I’ve decided against taking a computer, so I will be disconnected a bit.  But when I get back, I hope to report on good books read, many solid runs overseas, and precious time with family that I will not soon forget.

8 thoughts on “Traveling Again.

  1. Not a dull moment in your life!! I love your energy and excitement about life . . . you are definitely Making it Count!! Have a safe trip and talk when you get back. Hugs!

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