A Short Story.

Last week, on my way out to Portland for Hood to Coast, I ordered a drink on the plane. It wasn’t an adult beverage because I don’t really drink many of those. Instead, it was a bottle of Vitamin Water. (Southwest lets you use their drink coupons for more than just adult beverages.) While I was living in Portland last summer, I developed a bit of an attachment to Vitamin Water. I purchased a bottle every time I went grocery shopping at the neighborhood Fred Meyer and enjoyed it on the walk home. I liked that little routine, so flying out to Portland for the first time since last October, a bottle of Vitamin Water felt right.

This is the bottle they gave me.

photo (1)

It’s a small bottle. You can gauge the size with respect to my hand. And on the white part of the label, there’s some print that you shouldn’t miss. It says:

so, yeah. this bottle is shorter than normal, but shorter is better. want proof? what’s better, a short or long phone call with your parents? a short or long download time? and who doesn’t want to be on a short list? that’s right, short is killing it right now.

I laughed out loud and showed the bottle to my friend Catherine, who was sitting across the aisle from me. I then packed the empty bottle safely into my backpack and carried it to and from Portland with me so that it can reside on my kitchen window sill for as long as it makes me smile.

No, things aren’t perfect in my world, but I’m feeling good, working a lot, traveling a lot, trying new things, and surrounding myself with incredible people – lots and lots of incredible people. With each passing day, I’m becoming more certain that I will find my way.

My short self has to agree that, in lots of ways, short is killing it right now.

2 thoughts on “A Short Story.

  1. I’m glad to hear the speical bottle made it home with you, and intact, Taline! I suppose short is also killing it in terms of fitting better in luggage.

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