Wednesday List #25 – Affirmations of Late

I’ve had a really nice few weeks. I’ve managed to shift my thinkingtrain well, explore the city, and rediscover things I used to enjoy. I’ve also read lots and reconnected with people I adore. There are seasons when my sensations feel dulled, but this isn’t one of them. I feel a heightened awareness of things going on around me – of things that help and hurt me in different ways. I want to talk about some of the really good stuff.

  1. A bit ago, I was looking for a law firm in the Pacific Northwest to help on a potential matter. One of the names I got from friends in the area was for a firm that has an Austin office, so I emailed the attorneys I work with and asked if they knew the firm. One of the lawyers who relies pretty heavily on me immediately asked me, “Are you leaving us?” When I said no and explained the situation, he breathed what appeared to be a sigh of relief. It was nice to see that I’m wanted where I work. I need that assurance sometimes.
  2. Last week, I caught up with two dear friends. One of them I spoke with over the phone. The other I enjoyed over lunch. In both cases, I told them about things that have been going on with me that I hadn’t discussed with either of them, though I consider them both to be dear friends. In both cases, they accepted the information and acknowledged that I don’t say much at times, but  they didn’t give me grief for having been guarded, as I can sometimes be. It was nice to be received so fully and, by the warm reception I received from both of them, encouraged to be more open in the future. I don’t always expect people to be understanding, but I’m learning that the good friends will be every time.
  3. Yesterday, I had lunch with a woman who used to be my swim coach and has helped me a number of times with nutrition questions I’ve had. We have Erin in common, and in talking about Erin, I suggested we connect, and she actually followed up. We had a great lunch. I believe that we will have a continuing friendship. It was nice to have someone mean what they say and follow through on connecting. So often, people don’t.
  4. Last night, I went on a trail run at Wild Basin Preserve with a trail running group. I’ve run with this group before and decided to get back into it for the fall because I’ve been thinking about taking on a longer distance, like a 50 miler or a 50K, sometime within the next year. Out of the blue, one of the coaches who has known me for a while through triathlon told me that she thought I’d be good at trail running because it takes patience and steadiness. It was nice that she took the time to say those things. It was also nice to hear that my patience and steadiness would serve me well in trail running. Sometimes people get annoyed that I don’t quickly pull the trigger on stuff. It’s just not who I am, so I appreciate hearing that how I am can be helpful at times too.
  5. At Toastmasters today, I got a table topics question that reminded me about my Grand Canyon experience last year. It was an incredible few days in celebration of my friend Jenny’s birthday. After the trip, Jenny made a photo book of our adventure and gave a copy to each of us. That book sits on my coffee table and is one of the last things I see every time I leave the house. It’s nice to have that very physical reminder of both the experience and the friendship that drove it. I’ve made books for others in the past, but Jenny was the first to make a book like that for me. What a gift.

I want to be someone who believes in who I am and in the goodness of what I have to offer and who receives others in the same way. Right now, I feel surrounded by people who are helping me become the person I want to be. I’m so grateful for each presence in my life. I hope they all know how much they’ve done for me in what may appear to them to be the smallest of ways.

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