Wednesday List #30 – 30 Good Things About Right Now

I’m feeling a new hopefulness these days. For a while now, I’ve felt like a shift was taking place. I’m in the thick of it right now. I’m realizing that good things are happening all around me. Today, I took some time to try to put a finger on the goodness I feel.

  1. I am more fit than I have ever been.
  2. I am loving running these days and still reveling in the joy of having managed a personal best in a marathon that I ran all by myself.
  3. This year, since I saw improvement for the first time in my triathlon career thanks to my coach Natasha and the TriDot program, I am believing that I can do even better in 2014 than I did in 2013.
  4. I am excited about heading to Round Top very soon for a Jeanne Guy Gathering because those gatherings always leave me hopeful and changed for the better.
  5. I also am excited to return to Whidbey Island in a few weeks for another PeerSpirit workshop because I have a specific goal that I know I can achieve in my time there and because I’ll get to spend quality time with dear friends.
  6. I’m looking forward to the holidays, which is such a welcomed change from last year.
  7. I’m thrilled knowing that my holidays will be a sweet mixture of time at home and time away.
  8. I love my sweet home even more now that Mom has put up curtains and made new bedding for both of my bedrooms.
  9. I’m having fun cleaning out my closet of clothes that are too big for me and buying new clothes in much smaller sizes. What a feeling!
  10. The closet effort is nudging me towards organizing more of my house, which is something I always enjoy doing towards the end of the year.
  11. Bread and Butter, who really are the heart of my home, are still ridiculously sweet to me, even though I’ve left them alone a lot this year.
  12. Speaking of trips, my Africa adventure is so close! When I booked it, it felt like it was forever into the future. Pretty soon, I’ll be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro!
  13. I am proud of myself knowing that, when I get back from Africa, I’ll be training towards my fifth Ironman. I had no idea when I started the Ironman journey that I would be able to complete it, much less repeat it. What a wonderful trip that’s been.
  14. I’m writing more now that I perhaps ever have.
  15. I’m rediscovering my love for sending cards in the mail to people who matter to me.
  16. I’m about to fill up an old journal and start a new one, which just feels right to me right now. The old one has words and images in it that I’m happy to set down for good.
  17. I’m reading more now than I have in a long while, in part thanks to two wonderful book clubs I’m more consistently attending.
  18. I’m playing tennis again and finding joy in it.
  19. I’m trail running and enjoying the community that activity has brought to my life.
  20. I’m loving my continued morning runs with Kerry and Jenny, and I’m hopeful Sommer will join us again after she has her baby.
  21. I’m fresh off a weekend with one of the sweetest families ever that has six kids, all of whom I adore.
  22. I’m feeling inspired by the dad of those six kids who practices law in a small town and recently argued before the Iowa Supreme Court to push my comfort zone a bit where work is concerned.
  23. I’m loving my new office and feeling such gratitude for the work I have in my freelance life.
  24. I’m enjoying the process of working through my Storyline workbook, an effort that coincides beautifully with a Christina Baldwin online course that I’m taking.
  25. I’m catching myself smiling more and more each day.
  26. I’m sleeping better now than I have in a long time.
  27. I’m excited that I will soon be sharing my home with someone who matters to me.
  28. I’m getting excited about turning 40. (Wow. Did I just say that and mean it?)
  29. With the end of the year just around the corner, I’m thinking about all that I want to accomplish in 2014. It’s about time to start making next year’s list.
  30. Perhaps most importantly, I’m feeling hopeful that I’m on the verge of getting everything I’ve ever wanted.

It’s hard to look at someone and see that they’ve changed so much that you no longer recognize them as the person you once knew and loved. That’s how I’ve felt much of this past year when I looked in the mirror. I didn’t like the person I saw, not because of her physical attributes, but because of her emotional ones. These days, I’m recognizing my old self again. That’s a really good feeling.

And those greys that come with approaching 40? Hell, they are nothing a little color can’t fix.

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