The Sun Came Out. Again.

As if often the case, I’m blown away by the difference in my mood between yesterday and today. Yesterday, I was a frenzied mess. I was anxious about so many things and unable to focus for much of the day. And today? Today, I feel peaceful. 

Last night, after swimming in my anxiety all day long, I went home and had plans to decompress with a glass or maybe even a bottle of wine, but I ended up writing and reading and talking to the one person who held the ability to coax me away from the edge of the cliff. A phone message expressing concern for me, an email acknowledging the worries I had voiced, and then a phone call to assure me that the future is exciting – that trio from a trusted other helped me breathe again.

When I got off the phone, I realized that I had freaked out in part because I was telling myself old stories of professional challenges, rejections of previous work, and people I loved giving up on me. I wasn’t leaving open the possibility of a new ending this time around. And wouldn’t you know it? I’ve spent the last few months and even this weekend focusing on preparing myself to write a new story – a new ending. Apparently, I forgot momentarily what I’ve been working on in my life.

It was nice to have someone remind me. With that reminder, the anxiety lifted.

One thought on “The Sun Came Out. Again.

  1. OOH, I like this. And I think it is so key to finding calm and peace. Avoiding dredging up the past hurts and failures and disappointments, choosing to look only forward, convincing yourself of the immutability of change. Key. Glad you are feeling better today, my friend.

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