Wednesday List #29 – Things I Learned Trail Running at Night.

Last night I did my first ever nighttime trail run. It’s different to run in the dark with just a headlamp. Normally, I’m one who prefers familiar routes and certainly routes that I can actually see. The act of hurling myself into the darkness on uneasy and unknown terrain stretched me in a good way and taught me some things about myself. Continue reading

Who Donald Miller Says I’m Becoming.

This morning, as Jenny, Kerry and I ran on the trails, we bumped into my triathlon coach, Natasha, and her husband, Steve. Natasha raced Ironman Florida on Saturday with an astounding 9:29 finish time, did a recovery ride on Sunday, got back into town on Monday, and was running this morning.┬áIt’s one thing for me to feel good the days immediately following an Ironman. I put in a steady effort for a 16-hour day, and when I’m trained, my body recovers quickly. But Natasha’s got power. While I’m pushing steadily, she’s full-on pushing – working harder than I probably even know how to work. And she’s on her bike the very next day after her Ironman? And running easily within days after the event?

Seeing her do those things gives me confidence in our training program. It also reminds me how important it is for me to surround myself with people who are doing the sorts of things I want to do in the way that I want to do them.

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