Hunkering Down.

As the month of January comes to a close, I’m feeling how quickly time can pass without my even noticing. Wasn’t I just packing for Africa? Somehow I’ve gone and returned and even made a trip to Iowa. Pretty soon it’ll be June and I’ll be wondering how Coeur d’Alene came around again so quickly.

I’m forcing a slow down. I’m forcing myself to slow down and at the same time to get productive. Continue reading

When Can We Do This Again?

At lunch today, one of my dearest friends told me that he’s making a point of connecting this year with the people who matter to him. He has scheduled time with friends and, before each time runs out, he is intentional about trying to set up the next date. Today, before we said goodbye, he made a point of saying, “When can we get together again?” What a great idea. Imagine if we did that in all areas that matter to us. Continue reading

Fitness Goals for 2014.

I raced the 3M Half Marathon this weekend and am super proud of how I did. My total time was 2 hours and 18 minutes, which translates into 10:34 miles. A year ago, my 5K time averaged 12 minute miles. Now I managed to average 10:34 miles for 13 miles, and I did that after weeks of being away and not training and after running a 10K trail race the day before. I love what that says about how my fitness right now. Continue reading

Sunday Delivery.

I stood in the locker room of my gym this morning, wrapped in a towel, when I realized that I had forgotten to pack my dopp kit. That meant no deodorant, no brush, no sweet smelling lotion, no moisturizer, no makeup, nothing. I had two options: put my dirty running clothes back on and head home to clean up or proceed to the shower and make a store run on my way to work. Continue reading

I’m Back!

After two weeks away in beautiful Tanzania, I am back at home and ready to jump back into life here. I got home Sunday evening. Yesterday was tough, as my body was still very much on Africa time. But last night, I crashed hard and woke this morning feeling like myself again. I even managed a run this morning with Kerry and Jenny. It’s nice to get back into my routine.

I’m still processing my trip and expect I will for some time. Continue reading