Happiness Is…

Getting a long run in before the rain falls and the weather drops thirty degrees. Getting cleaned up at home instead of at the gym and enjoying coffee from a regular mug rather than a travel container. Receiving a “good morning” text from the boy that includes a photo of him wearing the shirt you gave him. Writing and sending an email that amounts to a diplomatic but firm response to an unwarranted temper tantrum. Arriving at work after a lovely run and morning at home and being asked to help a current client with a new issue. Getting an email offering an opportunity for a meet and greet with Billy Collins at his show tonight. Learning that this evening’s writing group that you were missing because of the Billy Collins show is being rescheduled due to weather. Hearing a Danielle Bradbery song on Pandora and recalling the time Mom couldn’t stop laughing after you said, “Dad, I haven’t watched The Voice finale so don’t tell me who won” only for Dad, who is mostly hard of hearing, to respond with, “Yes, that cute little Danielle won.” Being invited by an incredible writer and friend to tour England and Scotland with her in 2015.

The days aren’t perfect. It wasn’t fun to wake up at 4 a.m. and read the temper tantrum email and not be able to get back to sleep. It couldn’t have been fun for my running partner to get an earful about the email during the first couple of miles of our run this morning. But so much is so good. Sometimes I need to remind myself of all the really great things so I don’t get lost in the one bad thing.

This “Happiness Is…” exercise was my attempt to pick myself up out of that dark place where my mind can’t sleep and I’m ready to spew venom at the next person who crosses my path. I do feel better now. Much better. The exercise worked.

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