A Good Austin Day.

My races tend to fall in three categories: races I’m proud of because they were the first of their kind that I completed, races that kicked my butt but that I am proud to have survived, and races that just felt good all around. This past weekend’s Austin Marathon was of the kicked my butt variety. It wasn’t pretty, but I pushed through it and felt damn good about that. Do you like my medal? Continue reading

I (Heart) So Much.

I feel like I’m bursting at the seams. This week, I got hired to write another piece for a magazine. On Thursday, I took my second guitar lesson and was able to play through “Keep It To Yourself” by Kacey Musgraves while my instructor sang. Yesterday, I met with a new client for my legal work. I just got invited to another lunch by friends who want to hear about my Kilimanjaro trip. Tonight, I’m meeting my Hood to Coast team for a reunion dinner. I get to run the Austin Marathon tomorrow.  And right now, I’m getting to enjoy these at my office: Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Fat, Baby.

In January, after I got home from Africa, I set out a list of goals for myself that ranged everywhere from clean eating to submitting essays for publication to saving money to continuing to say no to things that don’t advance my work, training, writing and relationships. One of my goals also had to do with weight. Last year, I lost about twenty pounds without really trying. I still see a layer of fat around my mid-section that I want to get rid of, so I set a weight loss goal. If I lost weight without trying, what would happen if I focused, at least in part, on weight loss as the goal? Continue reading


On my run this morning, I was thinking about how different people deal with life’s challenges. I’ve said before that working out is largely how I deal with loneliness, sadness, anger and frustration. It’s what got me through much of 2013, which was a hard year for me. It’s also how I make decisions, as I’ve found that time running, biking or swimming is often perfect time for thinking through an issue. I’m lucky that my coping method is largely a healthy one. Others aren’t so lucky. Why is that?  Continue reading

Cry Me A River.

This weekend, my dear friend and I indulged in two movies – Her and August: Osage County, both of which made me grateful for this month of focus that I’ve set out for myself. My plan has been to step away from the computer and be more engaged with writing, my partner, my family, and my friends. I don’t want to live in a world where I’m more emotionally invested in technology than people, and I don’t want a life of estrangement from family. I felt like those films functioned as a cosmic affirmation of my plans for the month.

Then I heard from my mother late yesterday afternoon that Philip Seymour Hoffman died. What? How? Of a drug overdose? At 46?  Continue reading