Four Days In.

How’s my social media free life going four days into the effort? 

First, a confession. I have gotten on Facebook some, mostly for good reason. A dear friend had surgery yesterday, and I got an email indicating that she asked me a question in a comment, so I hopped on Sunday night to respond to her and to post a picture in support of her coming battle with cancer. (I’m thrilled to report that her surgery went well and there’s every reason to be incredibly hopeful so far!) I considered her to be a worthy exception to my no Facebook rule.

Second, I have popped on and off super quickly a number of times by accident. I had the Facebook app on the home screen of my phone, and I swear my finger just went there a number of times. I caught myself and immediately closed the app each time, but I finally today moved the app to the fourth page of apps on my phone. So there will be no more inadvertent Facebook hopping on my part.

I have to admit though that it’s a little hard. When Mom told me late Sunday afternoon that Philip Seymour Hoffman died, my first thought was that I’d have known sooner had I been on Facebook. During the Super Bowl, which I didn’t watch, I wondered what people were saying about the game and the commercials. It’s silly, right? I wasn’t watching. Why did I care about Super Bowl related posts? And yesterday, while my friend was in surgery, I wondered if her siblings were posting updates throughout the day.

It’s like there’s a whole world out there that I am suddenly no longer a part of. On the other hand, I’ve seen two movies, hung out with family and friends, and written a lot. I also cleaned house and powered through a number of items on my to do list, most of which had to do with signing up for stuff or sending checks to friends for various events and such. I’ve been super productive. I even had time last night to visit for a bit with the friend who has been staying with me for a couple of weeks now. That was a treat as we hadn’t seen each other for days.

I’ve heard people talk about the “fear of missing out.” I think that’s what I’m suffering from right now. I laugh a lot when I look at Facebook. I laugh at pictures of pets and children. I laugh at funny, often punchy, things people say. I laugh at random quotes friends post, even the stupid stuff like the “said no one ever” images. I kind of miss that stuff. But I miss it in the way that I miss chocolate in my month of clean eating. It’s not something I need. It’s just something I want.

So all of that to say that I’m doing fine. I might even say I’m doing well. My house is in order, my writing is moving along, and I’m feeling on top of things. And I’ve lost a pound through my clean eating effort. All in all, that’s a good place to be four days into the month.

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