Wednesday List #31 – Gratitudes.

I’m going to a funeral this afternoon for the sweetest 96-year-old woman I’ve ever met. Thinking about her and her long life makes me grateful for all that I have and hopeful that I will age as gracefully and live as fully as she did. So for now, here is a list of some things for which I am truly grateful:

  1. That I got to live for nearly five years next door to my sweet, old neighbor.
  2. That I have a home I adore.
  3. That I get to live just seven miles down the road from my parents.
  4. That I have my Bread and Butter, who make me laugh.
  5. That I have a relationship that feels like rest to me.
  6. That I have work, sometimes so much work that I get overwhelmed.
  7. That I get to work around people who make me laugh.
  8. That I have a beautiful circle of girlfriends, many of whom I’ve known for more than fifteen years.
  9. That I am healthy and physically and mentally able to do marathons and Ironman triathlons.
  10. That I get to travel, often with people I love.
  11. That I know some amazing women across the country who love to write and who encourage me in my writing.
  12. That I get to return to Whidbey Island in August to see some of these amazing women.

I’m so grateful for all the goodness around me. As I head out to celebrate the life of a woman who loved people dearly, I’m especially grateful for the people who have chosen to do life with me. Thank you, each and every one of you.

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