On Pins and Needles.

Today’s the day I find out whether I’ve been accepted into the NYC Marathon. They are doing the lottery drawings all day, and I could be notified of acceptance at any time. Or I could not get in. I have a strong preference as to which way this goes. I desperately want to run this race this year.

I did the NYC Marathon in 2010. Until I ran Portland just last year, the NYC Marathon was my fastest marathon ever at 5:12. I beat that time with a 4:53 in Portland. I’m scheduled to run Portland again this year to see if I can do even better, and I’d love love love to be able to run NYC as well. It would round out my year quite nicely and give me an opportunity to visit a dear friend who will also be running.

As I’ve been obsessing about this today, constantly checking my email and New York Road Runners account to see if my status has changed from “In Drawing” to anything more promising, I am quite aware that this issue falls squarely within the category of a “first world problem.” No, I don’t need this. It is not a matter of food, shelter, health, clear air, or clean water. It’s just something that would mean a lot to me this year. It’s an adventure I’d love to have. I’d love to go back to NYC and do it differently and better than I did four years ago.

Cross your fingers for me and say a little prayer, would you?

Update: At 4:46 pm, I got word that I’m in! I’m running the NYC Marathon on November 2, 2014. I cannot wait.

3 thoughts on “On Pins and Needles.

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