The 4:40 Alarm.

Six weeks from today, I’ll be flying to Coeur d’Alene to race in my fifth Ironman. My crazy pre-race psychology has kicked in. When my alarm went off this morning at 4:40 for a 5:30 spin class, I was tempted to roll over and go back to sleep, but a little voice in my head said, “If you don’t make this class today, you won’t finish Coeur d’Alene.” Now rationally I know that no single spin class will make or break a season of training, but I’m not always rational, especially six weeks before a race. So up I got and to spin I went.

And damn, it was tough today. My favorite instructor played a bunch of angry music and made us push hard gears much of the hour. I was dying and loving it at the same time. I’ve been watching my watts increase slowly. Today, I spent some time above 200 watts, which is a new development for me. I love seeing progress.

On Monday night, I went to Book People and heard Garrison Keillor speak. He talked about his radio career generally and how it all started simply because he needed a job. I don’t recall if he was talking about his career in general or A Prairie Home Companion in particular, but at one point, he said, “It came about because a man suppressed his constant desire to quit.” I can relate.

As much as I love training and racing, I do battle a constant desire to quit. It’s always easier to sleep in. I can always come up with something else I could do rather than train. Even races are tough to show up for sometimes. But if I can continue to suppress my constant desire to quit, I get to experience the elation of an Ironman finish line in just over six weeks.

The 4:40 alarm isn’t fun, but that finish line? That is one of the sweetest and happiest places on earth. I can’t wait.

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