Reality Check.

Late yesterday afternoon, I walked into my boss’s office to ask him about something not terribly important and ended up spending time talking to him about a young person he knew who died over the weekend. I was struck by two things as he spoke. First, I was reminded once again that I work for one of the most caring and compassionate people I’ve ever met. Second, I realized that I was getting worked up yesterday for no good reason.

I was dealing with a lawyer who was playing games. So what? I’m healthy. My parents are still with me. I have a home I love. I’ve found a man I adore who is moving to Texas for me. I have wonderful friends. I have a great job working with incredibly good people. So what if I’m dealing with a lawyer who is playing games? So what if he affected my workout schedule Tuesday night? So what if he could do it again? Are his games worth erupting over? Is a missed workout, even one two weeks out from a race, worth getting angry about? Does it make any sense to let a race I’m super excited about get me so tense? No. Not one bit.

I left the office yesterday and did the spin class I intended to do. I also got to run and spin this morning. I love those things. They make me feel good. But more important that what I’ve done is what I haven’t done today. I’m not dwelling on or reacting to stuff that doesn’t matter. I’m focusing on the goodness of the people around me, my gratitude for the work I have, and my excitement about my future, both in terms of the coming race and all the super exciting stuff that I anticipate will take place in the coming months.

I am incredibly lucky. Even if I had only a small fraction of the gifts that I get to enjoy every day, I’d still be incredibly lucky. I’m sorry that I lost sight of that yesterday.

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