A “New” Home.

I almost don’t recognize my house. It’s perhaps more organized than it’s ever been. The clutter on my kitchen counter? Gone. The piles of projects on my dining room table? They are finished or stored somewhere out of sight. All the bills and other paperwork piled up in my office? They are shredded or filed away. The three stacks of magazines that have been building up on my living room floor have miraculously disappeared. Even my closet and drawers are organized. I’ve taken one big carload to Goodwill, and I have one more that needs to go. This whole place feels…better.

I’m getting ready for Dave and his parents to arrive this coming weekend. He’s actually moving to Texas, and his parents are coming to see his new town and to meet my family. I know I mentioned previously that everything feels too good right now. It really does, and I sense that it’s about to get better.

I thought I’d be more nervous with him moving here. But I’m not. I’m excited. With each conversation with Dave, I relax more into the reality of a shared life. A couple of days ago, I was trying to schedule a night at one of those painting places where people with no artistic ability whatsoever are walked through the process of painting a particular picture, and I didn’t mind that the sunflower paintings (my favorites) fell on nights I couldn’t do because of plans Dave and I already have. My friend Poppe and I were at the track together this morning, and we were talking about setting up a time to ride bikes.  We realized that we can’t schedule a ride until late September given my plans and hers – and that’s okay. We’ll ride when we can.

Things are changing and, for once, I’m not afraid of the change. I don’t know how life will look or feel in the coming months or the next year, but I know that I’m doing the right thing merging lives with this tender-hearted Iowa boy. And I’m preparing myself to help him with the adjustment, as I suspect the transition will be much harder for him than it is for me. I’m welcoming him to my town, but he’s having to leave a home, a job and a state he’s lived in his entire life to come here. That can’t be easy, but I intend to do all I can to soften the transition for him.

I’m so grateful for everything. For Dave. For the time we’re going to have together. For the work I get to do and the work I know he’ll find. For the friends who introduced us. For his friends who have encouraged him to come here and for my friends who have welcomed him. For my home and the home we’ll eventually make together.  I’m just so grateful.

10 thoughts on “A “New” Home.

  1. You two will be more beautiful together than you are as individuals and that is saying something because you are one beautiful friend and I am sure if he chose you (and he chose to move to Texas 😉 he is too. Xoxoxo k

  2. jana, i am so so so happy for you. you will just be fine. in our writings it is written, after G-d finished creation, iHe is busy running the world, including making shiduchim (meaningful connections, between parents and children, and couples). i sure hope that you will just merge as you called it and make an even more beautiful life together.

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