Wednesday List #33 – The Benefits of Life With Another

Last week, with Dave having been in my town for just over a month, I wrote about some of the challenges of life with another. This week, I’m thinking about the benefits.

  1. I get to see Dave almost every day. We’ve both been in and out of town a bit since he arrived, but now we’re in this extended season of both of us being in Austin for the coming weeks. Before, I had occasional weekends with him. Now he’s a present – meaning both here and now – part of my daily life.
  2. Whereas I used to “live” at work by working there, writing there, paying my bills there, and pretty much spending all of my non-training time there, I now live at home. I don’t linger in the office until 7 or 8 in the evening, as I often did. I want to get my work done and get home because I want time with him.
  3. We get to have mid-week dates. This week, we went to see Boyhood on Tuesday evening. It was my fourth time seeing it and his first. What a treat it was to have him pick me up at the office and take me to the movies. I loved it.
  4. He does a million things for me without my asking. He kills wasps around my house. He installed a light on a ceiling fan in a room I’ve used dim for the last five years because it never occurred to me that I could install a light there. He makes me smoothies and meals. He even feeds my children when they yell at me and cleans their litter.
  5. He lets me ask him to do things for me. He reaches the tall places in the cabinets so I no longer have to get a stool. He’ll run to the store or the post office or the bank for me. He deals with my cable/internet/phone company about our services and how we can lower our bills. He’s helped more with the wedding planning than any guy should have to- and all without complaining. I’ve never had someone not in my family who I could call and give a list to if I needed help.

I think that’s the difference. For the first time, I’m in a relationship with someone who wants to be and feels like my family. I can get grumpy and know he’ll still be there tomorrow. I can be sad or angry and tell him about it and know that he’ll be on my side every time. I can have hard conversations with him and know that he won’t leave me for them. I can even say things like, “I don’t know what I’m asking you to do, but here’s what I’m struggling with…” He listens and responds, sometimes with conversation and sometimes with a hug of understanding.

No, life with someone isn’t easy all the time. It has its challenges. But life with someone who loves me as he does is wonderful. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday List #33 – The Benefits of Life With Another

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