A Dull Ache.

After a somewhat late and incredibly fun evening with Dave and my friend Trey from my Kilimanjaro climb, I managed to get up early this morning to make my run with Kerry. It wasn’t a hard run, but my body felt old. I felt like the base of my spine was taking a beating with each step. It’s not normal for me to feel aches and pains while I run. Am I aging or was I experiencing the after-effects of a late night with a bit of wine? I’m not sure. I’m hopeful tomorrow’s run will feel different and perhaps assure me that I’m okay. Continue reading

Good, Hard Efforts.

I had a great first week back from being sick. I ran four times last week. I had a busy week at work. Dave and I did lots of fun things. We went out to dinner Thursday night to a new-ish spot that he discovered driving around the neighborhood. On Friday, we went to a friend’s 40th birthday party. On Saturday, we went to a church service at a friend’s house and a performance by an a cappella band. On Sunday morning, I ran a 10-mile race in Austin, and we had a fun breakfast with other runner friends afterwards. Then we did organizational stuff around the house, which was fun with him. And then last night, one of my Kilimanjaro friends rolled into town. We’ve had a lot of goodness after a period of sickness and stress. I’m so grateful. Continue reading

Better Together.

This weekend, Dave and I went to a marriage seminar organized by some friends of mine from the Church at Lake Travis. A pastor friend of theirs from Alabama spoke about marriage. It’s hard to summarize all that he said, but what I walked away with is that marriage is an opportunity and an obligation to love another unconditionally. Marriages work when people decide to stick with them. That second statement seems obvious, but it’s true, right? If people quit, the marriage is done. But if they stick with it, even when it’s hard, then there’s a chance that things will get better. This workshop really hit home with me in a way that convicted me to apologize to Dave about various things I’d said and done or not done in the last month. Continue reading

Back to Everything.

After almost two weeks of being sick, I’m finally back on my feet. I’ve run the last three mornings. Not well, but I’ve run. Sunday, I did a four mile run/walk before church. Yesterday, I ran three miles from my house before work. Today, I met up with my friends for the first morning in forever and ran five miles with them. It was nice to get my day started early and to get ready for work at the gym once again. Even the guy at the smoothie bar said, “It’s been a while.” Yes, it has. It’s good to be back. Continue reading


On Friday, the doctor told me that what I have is viral and that I just need to ride it out, probably a few more days. Well, it’s Monday, and I’m still not well. I truly hate this, whatever it is. On the flip side, the nurse who took my stats told me that I logged the best blood pressure all day: 98/62. I appreciated what Dave would call an “I win” moment. Damn right I win. In this pitiful state, I will grasp onto every last victory that I can. Continue reading


I’ve been sick all week. I hate it. I hate not feeling well. I hate headaches and coughing fits and having to spit out green gunk. I hate not sleeping well. Mostly though, I hate not exercising. I haven’t done anything physical since I ran last Sunday. I haven’t even gone on easy walks because those require more energy than I’ve had. I’m ready to be well again. Like right now. Continue reading

The First of the Month.

I like turning a calendar on a new month. As a kid, I liked new beginnings – new school years, new semesters, a new six-weeks period, the beginning of summer. As an adult, new beginnings are harder to come by and when they come, they usually mean something painful has just happened – the end of a job or a relationship. To feed my need for positive new beginnings, I’ve taken to noticing the turn of the calendar and focusing on New Year’s Day as an important time to clean and purge and prepare for the next phase and set new intentions. Continue reading