The First of the Month.

I like turning a calendar on a new month. As a kid, I liked new beginnings – new school years, new semesters, a new six-weeks period, the beginning of summer. As an adult, new beginnings are harder to come by and when they come, they usually mean something painful has just happened – the end of a job or a relationship. To feed my need for positive new beginnings, I’ve taken to noticing the turn of the calendar and focusing on New Year’s Day as an important time to clean and purge and prepare for the next phase and set new intentions.

On the first of each month, I discard my old contacts and open a fresh pair so that I’m kind to my eyes. I change the litter pellets on my cats’ Breeze system so that I’m kind to my nose. I look at how my workouts went the prior month and make whatever changes I need to so that I’m kind to my body. I like the clean slate a new month brings. And this month I’m also celebrating two months of Dave being in Texas, so I’m looking back at what I’m doing right and what I could be doing better where he is concerned, and that’s all towards being kind to my heart and to his.

I like the first of the month. It’s a good day to make decisions and set out some goals for the days to come. It’s a good day to look backwards and forwards and set some intentions in every part of my life. That’s what I’m doing today.

Happy first, everyone.

One thought on “The First of the Month.

  1. I am loving reading all your posts, Taline. And I am happy to share the Jewish New Year (happening now!) with you so that these new beginnings can become year-long intentions :-). I am heading to Whidbey Island next week so I will do some reading for you. Much love to you and Dave.

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