I’ve been sick all week. I hate it. I hate not feeling well. I hate headaches and coughing fits and having to spit out green gunk. I hate not sleeping well. Mostly though, I hate not exercising. I haven’t done anything physical since I ran last Sunday. I haven’t even gone on easy walks because those require more energy than I’ve had. I’m ready to be well again. Like right now.

I’m heading to the doctor today, and I’m hopeful another day or two of this, and it’ll be behind me. I will have much cause for celebration when I’m able to head out the door and run Creek Road by my house again. I crave that. That’s the good thing that has come of this sickness – the reminder that I genuinely love being active. I don’t just do it for health or fitness. I do it because it’s fun. I love running with friends. I love getting cleaned up at the gym and then heading to the office. I love having goals. I love racing. I love travelling to a new city for a half marathon or marathon.

I’m doing the NYC Marathon in a few weeks. I don’t feel ready, but I’m doing it anyway. I know my body can crank out a marathon even though it may not be pretty. I’m good with endurance. It’s speed that is my challenge. So once I’m better, I’ll get out and do some runs and spin classes to re-engage with myself physically. I hope to do a couple of 10 to 15 mile runs before heading to New York. But even if I’m not able to get those runs in, I’ll do a nice long run on November 2 and enjoy every minute of it – the sights, the sounds, and the deeply satisfying feeling of a good long effort. I’m hungry for that.

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